Private YouTube Video Marketing Training Courses in Mirpur 12

Private YouTube Video Marketing Training Courses in Mirpur 12

Course Outline
Introducing the course and training objective to the participants

Module 1 . Getting started with Youtube: The Platform Overview

a. Introduction To Youtube
What is YouTubeImportant recent changesThe future of YouTube – The power of Video as a contentCurrent state of YouTube (Global and Local)Joining The YouTube Community

b. Account set up and configuration

c. Inside the Creator Studio: All main and sub sections will be elaborately explained
DashboardVideo ManagerLive StreamingCommunityChannelAnalyticsTranslations & TranscriptionsCreate

d. Understanding Youtube’s Copyright Policies
Understanding YouTube’s Content IDHow copyright can affect your monetizationHow to take down stolen contentProtecting your content from being copiedLicensingPolicy management

Module 2 . Creating your YouTube Channel

a. Creating and managing your Channel
Channel NamingDescriptionChannel Art & Profile PicturesLinksChannel Optimization Developing a plan for Channel growth
Module 3. Video Making Plan:

a. Research Phase Explainedb. Choosing the right tool and softwarec. Exploring image, audio and video resourcesd. Making video for personal use, local business, affiliate marketing and Adsense incomee. Making storytelling and explainer videos with the right toolsf. Video Styles & Techniques:
Types of video contentLength of content for marketing videos

Module 4. Video Optimization That Works

a. Keyword Researchb. Competitor Analysisc. On Page Optimization for Video Contentd. Off Page Optimizatione. Outreach Strategies f. Making a Video viral

Module 5. Youtube Video Ranking Factors – The Complete Overview (CheatSheet Explained)

Module 6: Making Money With Youtube – Career Opportunities using the platform

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